When are candles Vegan Candles?

Long gone is the time when candles were just kept for power cuts or for the birthday cake, candles are becoming increasingly fashionable these day within the home to create a mood a aroma conducive to a homely environment. We all like to cuddle up on those cold dark nights to watch a movie with candles flickering in the background.

However if you are a vegan and you are looking to pamper yourself by buying candles you will only need to take one look at the ingredients and find that most are a no go. Indeed most candles contain animal ingredients with the main ingredient being parafin which of course is made from the fat of animals. In a market which is thriving producers prefer to use parafin in their candles as it is a much cheaper than plant alternatives.

The only way to make sure that your candles are vegan candles is to check out the ingredients labels and you really need to have some base knowledge on what is vegan friendly and what is not.

What to look for in vegan candles

What you are really looking for in a vegan candle is that it is made from organic plant oils rather than an animal ingredient. Another important thing to look for is that the candle ingredients come from sources which are sustainable and environmentally friendly and ethical.

Lovely fragrant vegan candles can be sourced from essential oils like; lavender; cinnamon; juniper; and lots more. You will find that these candles have just a hint of colour and often do not have any colour but you can be sure they do not have beeswax or parafin in them. You could also look out for Soy candles which are also vegan friendly and do not use any genetically modified soy wax. It is also important to consider what the wick of the candle is made of, make sure it uses cotton not any animal derivative.

vegan candles

Vegan friendly candles are easy to find though. A top candle producer and seller which you will find internationally is of course yankee candle and you will be please to know that their candles are made of a food based paraffin wax. If these are a bit pricey for your budget though you may like to go on the Peta website which promotes cruelty free products and they also list all the companies that produce and sell vegan friendly candles.


I’m an advocate for cruelty free cosmetics?

As a vegan I am really keyed into find the best cruelty free cosmetics out there in the market. I a passionate that animals do not have the pain and even death for me to put on some mascara, lip balm or foundation. The cosmetic industry is huge and as consumers I feel we need to be tell these multi billion pounds big brand companies that we are against animal testing in any form. We can make this statement by refusing to buy any cosmetics that are not cruelty free.

Animal testing has been around since the 1920s as was initially brought in to make sure that products are safe for humans to use. However these archaic tests can now be eradicated by using more modern techniques and ingredients. The are thousands of ingredients on the market that the cosmetic companies can use as an alternative to their current ingredients which have to be tested on animals to ensure they are safe. Moreover today there are new procedures that allow scientists to test products without abusing animals which include computer models.

cruelty free cosmetics

How to promote cruelty free cosmetics?

If you want to contribute to the promotion of cruelty free cosmetics then the first thing you need to do is to look at the products you but and check out if they are cruelty free, if not then you need to change products. Check out your makeup, personal skincare creams, shower gel, and antiperspirants to see which are tested on animals. Look up the brands on the cruelty free lists on the Peta website and if your brand is not there then don’t buy their product again. The more we buy cruelty free brands the more they will be stocked by suppliers and there eventually will be a reduction in those tested on animals. You could also tell you friends and family about the cruelty free cosmetics on the market and promote them.

Everyone likes trying out new products so why not get together with some friends and have a girlie evening checking out some cruelty free brands. If everyone brought something different you could swap them so that you can really try before you buy to see if you like the item and you will also find that this will reduce the cost of finding a new brand.

Another thing you can do is support any action that works towards enforcing a ban on animal testing. This includes any parliamentary bill, write to you MP to show your support.